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ICICI Direct Trading App: A Comprehensive Review and Comparison with Other Brokerage Apps

Icici Direct-Flash Trade

ICICI Direct, part of ICICI Group, is one of India’s premier retail stockbrokers, serving more than 50 lakhs customers online trading and investment services via BSE, NSE and MCX for stocks, commodities and currencies trading; Mutual Fund IPO’s, Fixed deposits Bond NCD wealth products Home Loans as well as Loans against Securities etc are offered here as part of these offerings.

ICICI Direct’s most sought-after offering is their 3-in-1 Account, consisting of Bank, Trading and Demat accounts for seamless trading experiences.

ICICI Direct provides four brokerage plans; these are I-Secure Plan, ICICI Direct Prime Plan, Lifetime Prepaid Brokerage Plan (LPBP) and Neo Plan.

ICICI Neo Plan is a flat rate brokerage plan, offering commission-free equity futures trading. A flat Rs 20 order execution brokerage fee applies when trading intra-day and options, while delivery transactions incur an 0.55% brokerage charge. Furthermore, this plan offers access to trading tips and research as well as 5-minute payout when selling shares along with low-interest margin funding plans.

ICICI Direct offers an exclusive and diverse array of Products and Features such as One Click Equity, Margin Trading Funding (MTF), Smart Trading Features and Systematic Equity Plans that makes investing easy.


What makes ICICI Direct different from the competition?

  • Offer 3-in-1 Account.
  • Support in local ICICI Bank branches.
  • Trusted brand.

Account Types

ICICI Direct offer two types of accounts:

  1. 3-in-1 Account
    A 3-in-1 account combines bank, trading, and demat accounts into one convenient entity to facilitate seamless transactions among them.


  2. 2-in-1 Account
    2-in-1 accounts provide customers with both trading and demat accounts in one convenient account, connecting via their existing non-ICICI bank accounts instead of opening new ones with ICICIbank specifically in order to trade or invest with ICICI Direct. This makes their banking much simpler!

ICICI Direct Charges 2023

ICICI Direct Account Opening Charges and AMC

Transaction Charges
Account Opening ChargesRs 0 (Free)
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC Rs 300 per year
Demat Debit Transaction Charges (Sell Orders) Rs 20 per transaction
Call & Trade Charges Rs 50 per order

ICICI offers 4 types of brokerage plans to its customer:

ICICI Direct NEO Plan

ICICI Neo Plan offers brokerage-free equity Futures trading at just Rs 20 per trade for intraday/F&O trading; equity delivery transactions incur an extra 0.555% fee.

ICICI Neo Plan Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery


Equity Intraday

Rs 20 per executed order

Equity Future

Rs 0 (Free)

Equity Options

Rs 20 per executed order

Currency F&O

Rs 20 per executed order

Commodity F&O

Rs 20 per executed order

NCDs / Bonds


ICICI Direct Prime Plan

ICICI Direct Prime Plan offers customers an effective solution for both reducing brokerage charges and immediately depositing money when selling shares, as well as offering exclusive research. Customers may choose between four prime plans – Rs 299, Rs 1,999 or 2,999 which provide upfront reduction in brokerage across equity and derivative products and are valid for one full year each plan offers an upfront reduction. Read more about ICICI Direct’s Prime Brokerage Plan here.

ICICI Direct Prime Plan Brokerage Charges

PlanEquity CashEquity FuturesEquity OptionsCurrency F&OCommodity Futures
Rs 2990.27%0.027%Rs 40/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 9990.22%0.022%Rs 35/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 1,9990.18%0.018%Rs 25/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 2,9990.15%0.015%Rs 20/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order

3. I-Secure Plan (Flat brokerage Plan)

ICICI Direct I-Secure Plan offers Fixed Brokerage Fee (in %) regardless of turnover value, making this ideal for traders/investors looking for secure and fixed brokerage rates. Click here for more info about this plan from ICICI Direct.

ICICI Direct ISecure Plan Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery0.55%
Equity Intraday0.275%
Equity Future0.05%
Equity OptionsRs 95 per order
Currency F&ORs 20 per executed order
Commodity F&ORs 20 per executed order
NCDs / Bonds0.75%

4. ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan

ICICI Direct Prepaid plans provide discounted brokerage rates when paying one time fixed fees up front, with 6 options that each have 15 year validity periods. Learn more about ICICI Direct’s Prepaid Brokerage Plans by reading up here!

ICICI Direct Prepaid Brokerage Plan

Prepaid PlanEquity CashEquity FuturesEquity OptionsCurrency F&OCommodity Futures
Rs 5,0000.25%0.025%Rs 35/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 12,5000.22%0.022%Rs 30/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 25,0000.18%0.018%Rs 25/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 50,0000.15%0.015%Rs 20/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 100,0000.12%0.012%Rs 15/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order
Rs 150,0000.09%0.009%Rs 10/lotRs 20/orderRs 20/order

ICICI Minimum Brokerage Charges

1. ICICI Direct Minimum Brokerage

  • Minimum brokerage for delivery segment trades under I-Secure plan is Rs 35 or 2.5% of trade value whichever is lesser.
  • Prime Plan and Prepaid Delivery Plans each have a minimum brokerage of Rs 25 or 2.5% of trade value whichever is lower for delivery transactions.

2. ICICI charges flat 5 paisa per share (Rs 0.05) brokerage on stocks priced less then Rs 10 per share.

ICICI Direct Online Account Opening

ICICI Direct now provides instant account opening for customers whose Aadhar card has been linked with their current phone number for OTP verification.

If your Aadhar card hasn’t been linked with your current phone number for OTP verification, visit an ICICI Bank branch near you to open a trading account.

ICICI Direct Trading Apps

ICICI Direct offers 3 trading platforms to its customers:

Features of ICICI Direct Trading App

ICICI Direct Website

Since 1996, ICICI is India's go-to online investment and trading website for many investors and traders alike. Offering trading accounts, demat accounts, mutual funds, insurance products and research and recommendations; their site remains highly popular!

Trade Racer (Trading Terminal)

Trade Racer, the installable trading terminal designed specifically for frequent traders. Packed full with tools for high-volume trading, Trade Racer offers itself freely to its clients.

ICICI Direct Mobile App

ICICI Direct app for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, traders and investors can trade and invest on-the-go with ease. Access all products and services available on ICICI Direct as well as special features like real-time price alerts, research notifications and customised alerts on Portfolio stocks from any location!

ICICI Direct Pros and Cons

Below are the advantages and benefits of ICICI Direct. To fully assess whether it meets your investment needs, be sure to review ICICI Direct’s benefits and drawbacks before opening an account with them. The pros and cons list provided will help guide your decision process.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is ICICI Direct good for trading?

ICICI Direct is one of India's premier retail brokers and financial product distributors, serving over 80 lac customers since 1994 with impeccable service delivery.

Is ICICI Direct better than Zerodha?

Zerodha and ICICI Direct offer complimentary stock tips, research and advisory services; neither offer brokerage-free equity futures trading with their Neo plans. ICICI Direct's account opening fee is free while Zerodha charges Rs 200 to open an account.

What is the future buy in ICICI Direct?

As an ICICI Direct customer, you now can trade index and stock futures on NSE with ease thanks to an advanced tracking and risk management solution designed to give you increased leveraging with respect to trading limits. Futures trading allows buyers and sellers to enter buy/sell positions for index or stock contracts that expire over several months at once.

Is ICICI Direct market real or fake?

ICICI Direct is the retail trading and investment service provided by ICICI Securities, one of the country's premier investment bankers and financial product distributors as well as one of India's most esteemed equity brokers authorised by SEBI for stockbroking at BSE, NSE, MCX exchanges.

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