Angel One Mobile App Review 2024

Angel One Mobile App Review – Angel One is a trustworthy brokerage or investment platform offering 24-hour services everywhere. They have been for the last 25 years to serve 1.75 Cr+ Indians with an Angel One Android app. Through the mobile app, it provides a superior experience to traders and investors.

If you are already an iOS/Web user of Angel One, you must have already seen the upgraded experience 2024. Angel One Mobile App 2024  is a powerhouse of capabilities and features that make investing and trading beneficial and offer online trading tools, research & advisory services, guidance, and call service. In this article, we describe the Angel One Mobile App Review 2024.

Angel One Mobile App Review

Trading Platforms Provide By Angel One

Angel One Mobile App Review is five stars on Google. It provides multiple applications in one mobile app to cater to the different requirements of customers:

  • Angel One App – Mobile App & Tablet App
  • Angel One Trade – Website for web browser
  • Angel Speed Pro – Desktop Installable Exe

Online Trading on Mobile Devices (Smart Phones, Tablet, and iPADs)

Angel One offers trading and investing in all segments such as equity, derivatives, currency, and commodities at BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX.

  • Trading in Equity Cash (Delivery)
  • Trading in Equity Derivatives (F&O)
  • Trading in Currency Derivatives (F&O)
  • Trading in Commodities at MCX and NCDEX

Angel One Trading App in India – Supported Platform / Devices

The Angel One mobile app is available for Android and iOS Apple mobile smartphones.

  • Angel One App for Android Phone- You can download  Angel One Mobile Super App for the Android Play store.
  • Angel One Oswal Trading App for iPhone- You can easily download the Angel One super app for iOS (Apple iPhone) is available at the iTunes store.

20 Advanced Features of the Angel One Super App 2024

Read the comprehensive review of the Angel One Mobile App 2024, and uncover how the Super Mobile App attracts investors with intuitive navigation and a suite of tools for top-informed decision-making:

  • Investment in IPO and Mutual Funds is also available in this trading app.
  • Best mobile trading features are free from any charges for its online customers.
  • More than 40 technical chart indicators and overlays are available in the mobile app.
  • Accurate research reports and 24-hour available advisory calls.
  • Stock advice goes through ARQ known as the auto advisory engine.
  • Angel One Mobile App proficient in tract derivatives positions.
  • Live streaming stock quotes, charts, and news.
  • Personalized notification alerts for trades and ideas.
  • View all  Demat Account Holdings.
  • Real-time online fund transfer through over 40 top banks.
  • 100% Secure, fast, and simple app works well for both seasonal investors as well as frequent traders.
  • The customer gets real-time streaming quotes & charts, live news, multiple watchlists, online fund transfers, research reports, demat holdings, margin statements, limits, order summaries, and more on their Smartphone.
  • The features mobile trading app are available free of charge to all its online customers.
  • UPI based payments
  • Portfolio monitoring for better investment planning and minimizing risk
  • Access to Ledger, DP, and Funds reports
  • It represents both Call & Put options data in a single fold. The user can filter for “Only Call”, “Only Put” & “Both Call & Put”
  • The user can select the option data for any available expiry (Near month or far month expiry)
  • Access Angel One’s learning center as per your investment persona.
  • For every strike price, Angel One shows LTP, LTP change, OI, OI Change%, Price  IV, Delta, Theta, Change, Volume, Vega, and Gamma.
  • External service provided by Smallcase, Sensibull, Vested & Streak.

Types of  Orders Angel One Trading Apps Are

4.4 Cr+ people download this app To differentiate types of orders that can be placed via Angel One trading Apps for Limit Delivery, Margin & Intraday orders.

  • Market Order
  • GTT Order
  • Stop Loss Order

How To Open Online Angel One Account

In short, we describe how to create an account in Angle One Mobile App, which is based on Angel One Mobile App Review  2024:`

  • Download the app. You can download the Angel One app from iOS or Google Play Store.
  • Register your mobile number or client code provided by Angel Broking.
  • Complete Your KYC Journey by entering your Aadhar card number and manually upload PAN card
  • .Fill in Your Bank Account Details such as IFSC code, and UPI ID once you are done Angel One will deposit ₹1 into your account to verify it.
  • Take Your Selfie.
  • Enter your digital signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Angel One charge any fee?

It is free of cost, download the Angel One trading app for free & start your share market investment & trading journey quickly.

Are there any closing charges in Angel One?

No, there will be no charges for closing your trading or demat account. Generally, after filling out the necessary documents, your request will be processed and your trading account will be closed within 3 to 7 business days.

Is the Angel One Mobile app good for trading?

Yes, Angel One is a safe stock broker for trading and investment counted as one of the largest stock brokers.

What is Angel One Mobile App Review?

Overall Rating2.7/5
Customer Service2.6/5

Do I need an account to use the Angel One mobile app?

Yes, if you want to use a mobile app of Angel One then you need to have a registered account with Angel One.

What is the cost to download this Mobile App?

This Angel One app is free of cost to download. However, there may be fees associated with other services and trading offered through the app.

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