How to Apply For an IPO Through The Angel One Mobile App

How to Apply For an IPO Through The Angel One Mobile App? (How to buy IPO in Angel One)- IPO  refers to the Initial Public Offering, the process in which the companies raise funds from the market. To elaborate share of private businesses is made available to the public for the first time. An IPO allows companies to raise equity capital from public investors and, also allows public investors to participate in the offering.

Companies need funds for several reasons including an expansion of the business, debt repayments, an exit strategy for early investors, etc. All these funding requirements can be met through an IPO. As an investor what you need to understand is How to apply for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App and more importantly, how to buy an IPO in Angel One.

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Know The Types of IPO

Before applying for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App you know IPO, there are two types of IPO:

  • Fixed Price IPO: According to this company fixes the IPO price in advance as the sum of the par value and the premium, now users are able only to apply for IPO at that price.
  • Book Built Issue: The company will only provide an indicative price range for the IPO and the final price of the IPO will be discovered through the book-building process. Currently, most IPOs are predominantly through the book-building route only.

Steps to Buy IPO in Angel One

  • Offline Method: In the offline method, users have to need to fill out the physical form and submit it to the IPO banker or to their broker.
  • Online Method: You can directly apply for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App. The benefit of the online IPO is that your data is automatically populated from the trading account and deceased the clerical effort from your side.
Online MethodOffline Method
Fill Out the physical formApply directly through your broker’s website or mobile application
Submit the IPO to the IPO banker or to your brokerCarefully fill out the online IPO application form

The Process to Apply Online for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App?

  • First and foremost download the Angel One Mobile app with Play Store if you have an Android phone and if you have iOS, download it from the app store.
  • Start to log in to the Angel One App or website and click on the menu button at the left corner of the screen ‘IPO’ on the homepage.
  • Click on ‘Investment Opportunities >> IPO and FPO to apply for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App.
  • Carefully, Select the IPO you are interested in investments.
  • Go through the IPO details like maximum quantity, maximum investment, cutoff price, quality of the company, etc.
  • Fill in the bid Details.
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ to apply enter your active mobile number of lots and bidding price along with your UPI ID and click on your investments.
  • Review the entered bid details and click on Confirm.
  • Confirm your bid and accept the payment mandate sent to your UPI App for completing the IPO application.

Steps to Check IPO Allotment Status on Angel One’s App

After applying for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App, you have to review the IPO allotment status by following some easy steps:

  • Log in to the Angel One app.
  • Go to the IPO Section and then to IPO Orders.
  • Choose the individual IPO that you had applied for and check the allotment status.
  • As such Angel One will notify you of your IPO allotment status via push notification and email.

Eligibility to Invest an IPO

An important point to remember here is, that when you apply for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App, it is not an offer but an invitation to offer. Here we mentioned the eligibility criteria for invest an IPO:

  • Any Adult is eligible to apply for the IPO of a company.
  • You have a PAN Card issued by the Income Tax department and also have a valid demat account.
  • A trading account is not necessary in the case of IPOs, a demat account alone is sufficient.
  • If you want to sell the shares on the listing then a trading account will be required.
  • Once the shares are allotted, the investor’s bank account is debited for the amount of shares allocated, and the shares are credited to the investor’s demat account.
  • The investor becomes a shareholder of the company and can participate in its future growth and dividends.

Learn About IPO New Offers, Follow-on Public Offers, and Offer-For-Sale

  • In a New offer company is raising funds from the IPO market for the first time and getting the stock listed, then it is known as a “new offer” that leads to a listing and the expansion of the capital base of the company.
  • A company is already listed on the stock exchanges but is looking at the IPO market to increase additional funds called a Follow-on Public Offer (FPO).
  • An Offer for Sale (OFS) is a way for existing promoters and anchor investors of a company to sell part of their shares to the public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This process doesn’t increase the company’s share capital, but it changes the ownership pattern by allowing new investors to buy shares. The government often uses OFS to disinvest in companies, and it’s a common method for companies to get listed on the stock exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of Angel One IPO?

In Angle One Rs 306 PER EQUITY SHARE Charge for an IPO.

What is the UPI limit for IPO?

The limit for IPO application is 5 Lakhs per transaction on UPI.

Can users sell IPO shares on the listing day?

Yes, users sell IPO shares on the listing day.

Is it safe to invest in Angel One?

Yes, Angel One is 100% safe, it a SEBI-registered stock brokerage firm and a trading member of BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Can I buy an IPO without a broker?

Yes, you can apply for an IPO through the Angel One Mobile App without a broker.

How to get lucky in an IPO?

Follow some steps that include Avoid Large Applications, Multiple Demat Accounts, Bid at Cut-Off Price, Mistakes with Your IPO Application, and applying early.

How do I know which IPOs are available?

In the Angel One mobile app, you can take all the information about upcoming IPOs in the IPO section with all the details.

What payment methods can I use to apply for an IPO?

Angel One may give different payment methods for IPO applications, including UPI, net banking, and other online payment options.

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