How to Open Demat Account at Angel One?

open angel one account

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open Demat Account at Angel One Online?: Angel One is one of the leading full-service brokers in India which offer flat brokerage charges to its clients. It provides fast, modern, and easy to use trading platforms as well as expert advisory services to its customer base. In this post, we’ll discuss the exact steps to open demat account at Angel One online.

Quick link to open your FREE account with Angel One.

Angel One Introduction

Angel One was established in 1987 and boasts over thirty years of experience within the brokerage world and over one million satisfied customers. Their services can be found across 1800+ Indian cities with 8500 sub brokers offering services on BSE, NSE, NCDEX & MCX exchanges for trading of Equity, Future & Options contracts (F&O), Commodities as well as currency.

Angel One was traditionally known for offering full service brokerage and charging its clients on a percentage-basis, however in November 2019 they made changes to compete against rapidly expanding discount brokers such as Zerodha, 5Paisa and Upstox etc. By switching their business model they could now charge flat fees instead.

Angel One now offers an affordable flat rate brokerage plan called Angel iTrade PRIME. Here, delivery trading is FREE of cost while all other segments such as Intraday F&O Currencies & Commodities incur an entry charge of Rs20 per trade – applicable across exchanges & segments alike!

One key benefit of trading with Angel One is their investment advisory services that offer advice, recommendations and recommendations to their clients for investing in the stock market. Furthermore, they also offer research reports about companies as well as value-adding tools and services free to clients.

Why should you open a demat account at Angel One?

Angel One is one of the largest stockbroking houses in India with an 8.28% market share in stock broking services. Trading with them allows users to start investing in stocks, commodities and currencies with over three decades of expertise on hand in India’s stockbroking sector. Some key features of Angel One:

  1. Cheapest full-service flat charge broker
  2. Free equity investments – No charge involved in delivery trading
  3. Flat Rs 20 per trade for Intraday, Futures & Options, Commodity and currency trading.
  4. Fast account opening process
  5. Excellent Trading Platform
  6. Free expert research reports & market advisory

Services Offered: Angel One offers its services for stocks, commodities, currencies, PMS contracts and life insurance as well as ETFs IPOs & Mutual Funds.

Brokerage Charges:

  1. Delivery charges: Rs 0
  2. Intraday Trading: ₹20 Per Trade
  3. Equity F&O: ₹20 Per Trade
  4. Currency F&O: ₹20 Per Trade
  5. Commodity F&O: ₹20 Per Trade

Documents required to open a demat account at Angel One

Angel One requires several documents in order to open your demat account; please keep scanned copies for future reference:

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Bank proof (Cancelled cheque/Account Statement/Passbook)
  4. Webcam on Mobile/Laptop

Here, essentially you must present bank verification documents from any private or national bank located within India in which you wish to link your demat account.

Note: To open an online account, it is mandatory for your phone number and Aadhar card number to be linked together as you will be required to submit an electronic Signature process and you’ll be sent an OTP on both numbers linked with each other.

Account opening charges at Angel One

  1. Account opening charge: FREE (Account Opening Charges Waived)
  2. Account Maintenance Charge: Rs 240 (Rs 20 Per Month)

Special Offer: Right now, Angel One is offering a 100% waiver on the account opening charges. Hence, you can open your demat account with Angel One for FREE. Here’s a quick link to open your FREE account with Angel One.

Short Answer to Open Your Angel One Demat Account

Before I go any further with my detailed explanations of opening demat accounts at Angel One, let me first provide you with an outline.

Here’s the direct link to Angel One’s Account Opening Page so you can begin opening an account today.

On this page, the first step of signing up involves entering your full name, city of residence and mobile number while verifying an OTP code. Next step will require entering details like PAN/BAN/AADHAR verification/personal details/personal verification code etc for signing up with IndiaPost and personal verification via webcam/IPV as well as Mobile OTP signature for completion.

All instructions for opening an account are clearly specified on each step of the account opening page, so if you are adept at following instructions efficiently then no reading this entire post may be required – simply go directly to your bank’s opening page, follow all of its instructions, upload documents and open an account!

Once you register on the first step, an Angel One executive will be assigned. Their details will be sent over via text. He/She can assist with account opening; should any problems arise while opening online accounts they can also help directly.

Detailed Step-by-step procedure to open your Angel One demat account online

Step 1: Go to the Angel One account opening page. Here’s the direct link.

Enter your Full Name, City, and Mobile Number on the Account opening page. Here, you’ll receive an OTP to verify your phone number.

Step 2: On the next page, enter some additional important details relating to yourself such as date of birth, PAN Number, email id address, Bank account number and IFSC code number. Having provided these details click ‘Proceed’ when done entering them all.

Step 3: Next, it is necessary to select a plan. Angel iTrade Prime plans are currently waived so no account opening fees need to be paid at this point.

Step 4: For Step 4, enter some additional personal information. Specifically, this means providing annual income information, occupation details and the names and contact info for both parents. Next page allows upload of PAN card/bank statement as per requirement.

Step 5: After this step is completed, upload documents such as PAN Card, cancelled cheque or passbook for Bank Verification purposes as well as Bank Statement (optional) for F&O Trading. Uploaded these files before clicking “Proceed”.

Step 6: Next is the eSign process which is straightforward and straightforward. Simply input your 12-digit Aadhar card number. Upon receiving an OTP on your registered phone number with Aadhar, enter it here on this page before clicking ‘Submit’.

Step 7: For In-Person Verification (IPV), take a quick video of yourself, upload it and complete IPV using either your phone or laptop camera to verify yourself before opening an online account. After successfully uploading, an error message displaying ‘Thank you – We Have Received Your IPV” should appear after successfully uploading.

Congratulations – that is all. Congratulations on successfully opening an account.

Once all seven steps have been successfully completed, your account should be activated within 24 hours and you’ll receive credentials to login into your trading account.

Here is the entire procedure to open your free demat account at Angel One.

What Next After Opening Your Angel One Demat Account?

As soon as the account opening process has been completed, your client code and password will arrive via your registered email, along with an onboarding email containing instructions on how to log into your trading account.

Angel One provides an intuitive platform that makes trading and investing simple and safe, offering multiple investment vehicles under one virtual roof. Simply visit its website, log-in with your credentials, and begin trading or investing immediately!

Alternative, I highly suggest downloading Angel One mobile app (which I highly suggest). Angel One provides an intuitive mobile trading app where users can log-in easily using credentials to trade or invest from their phone – here is the link where you can download this mobile application:

Closing Thoughts

Angel One is one of India’s premier stockbrokers, providing incredible trading services across Equity, F&O, Commodities and Currency markets spanning BSE, NSE, NCDEX & MCX. Thanks to Angel One’s simple yet fast demat account opening process, it could open for you within an hour provided all documents required have already been collected and submitted.

In this post, we have attempted to present an exact process to open demat account at Angel One. If there are any further inquiries about opening demat accounts at the bank, feel free to share in the comment section below or directly contact them for help! Have fun investing!

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