Angel One API Review 2024

Angel One API Review 2024(for Algorithmic Trading) – Angel One offers a set of free APIs for trading through a smart API platform. Smart API by Angel is a collection of APIs that facilitates automated trading also known as algo trading and supports the use of third-party software such as Fox Trader or Streak. The Angel One API grants programmatic access to necessary functionalities and data, enabling users to place orders across all stream live market data, segments, and exchanges, access historical data, and manage user portfolios.

The Angel One API is a group of simple JSON APIs that empower users to customize their trading platforms, construct comprehensive trading solutions adapt to their specific demands, or enhance their advisory services. Furthermore, the API facilitates seamless integration with the third-party latest trading and charting tools. Here we describe Angel One API Review (for Algorithmic Trading) 2024.

The Angel One API is a group of simple JSON APIs that empower users to customize their trading platforms

10 Best Benefits of Angel One API

List of best top 10 benefits of Angel One API accordion to Angel One API Review (for Algorithmic Trading) 2024:

  • Angel One provides a free-of-cost trading API.
  • No monthly fee for historic data API and trading.
  • Algorithm trading is available in five languages – Java, Python, R, Node Js, and Go.
  • Easy to use for all beginners to experienced traders, startups, and tech giants.
  • Well-detailed documents and easy-to-grasp SmartAPI documentation.
  • Integration with 60+ trading platforms viz Foxtrader, Streak.
  • It allows customers to trade in their own Algo trading programs.
  • Real-time order execution.
  • Users can support third-party trading tools such as Fox Trader.
  • To place the order into your account based on your trading strategy.

Algorithmic Trading Charges

I*n Angel One, Algo Traders have the option to subscribe to the ProStocks Unlimited trading plan, which charges zero brokerage on all intraday trades (equity and F&O). This plan effectively removes the need to pay brokerage on each intraday trade, resulting in significant savings on brokerage costs

Trading API costRs 0 (Free)
Publisher API CostRs 0 (Free)
Market Feed API CostRs 0 (Free)
Historical data API CostRs 0 (Free)

Smart API Angel One Features

The trading API is used in various ways, Smart API gives powers to place GTT orders on the NSE and BSE exchange in the delivery and margin segment. GTT orders are very useful when you want to place a long-term order that you do not have to monitor every day; it triggers and enters into a position as soon as your price is met.

Broking APIs· Trading API

· Publisher API

· Market Data API

· Historical Data API

· Websocket API

Language UsedHTTP
Exchanges supportedBSE, NSE and, MCX
SegmentsEquity, F&O, Currency, and Commodity
Operating System supportedWindows/Linux
Regulatory approvalPreapproved for most 3rd party trading platforms and custom programs. Assistance is provided by Angel One to obtain approval if you are building a new trading platform for others.
Real-Time dataYes
Rate LimitsRefer to Angel One SmartAPI limit section below
Supported features in trading appAll Basic features

· Login Authentication

· Order placement, cancellation, modification

· Order History

· Portfolio

· Notifications

· · Logout

Integration with third-party software60+ trading platforms – Foxtrader, Streak, Tradetron, Amibroker, StocksDeveloper
BrokerageRs 20 per trade
Order Types AvailableNormal, Stoploss, After market Order, ROBO
Product Types availableCash and Carry (CNC), Margin Intraday Square-off (MIS), Normal for futures and options (NRML), Bracket Order (BO- only for ROBO)

Angel One API Limit

According to Angel One API Review 2024(for Algorithmic Trading). Angel One offers algorithms trading service to all SmartAPI users equally, we restrict the number of API requests one user can make every second:

TransactionAPI Rate Limit
Order placement API rate limit10 requests per second
Order modification API rate limit10 requests per second
Order cancellation API rate limit10 requests per second
Historical API rate limit3 hits per second
LTP Data request rate limit10 requests/second
Orderbook/Tradebook API rate limit1 request/second

What Users Can Learn

With Angel One users can grow themselves through the smart API platform, generally, it is a set of free APIs:

  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Angel One SmartAPI
  • API Trading
  • AWS EC2

11 Step By Step Process To Access Angle Broking API

Want to create Angel Broking API? Here are easy 11 steps to process to access Angel Broking API:

  • First start to go
  • Click on the button SignUp tab to register yourself in Angel API.
  • Fill in the details such as Email, Name, Password, and Angel Client ID.
  • Tick to agree to the all terms and conditions of Angel API.
  • Click on the  Sign-Up button to complete the registration.
  • Click on Create an App.
  • Select the type of API- trading API, Publisher API, Market feed API, or historical data API.
  • Gave an app name, redirect URL, and postback URL
  • Next, you will get the API key and secret key to access the SmartAPI.
  • Fill up the Smart API migration form in case you get an error – ‘YOUR USER ID OR PASSWORD IS INVALID’ ‘error code’: ‘AB1007’: despite using the right credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Angel One API?

The Angel One API is like a special doorway created by Angel One. This doorway lets software developers connect their apps with Angel One’s trading platform.

What functionalities does the Angel One API offer?

Angel One API offers various types of functionalities like market data retrieval, portfolio management, account management, order placement, and more for managing your money more convenient.

How Does Angel One API Work?

Angel One API is a revolutionary platform that offers a comprehensive set of REST-like HTTP APIs designed to empower investors and traders in the stock market.

Can I use the Angel One API for algorithmic trading or automated strategies?

Yes, you can use Angel One API for algorithmic trading or automated trading strategies to follow the rules and regulations set by the government and the stock market.

What programming languages are supported by the Angel One API?

Angel One API supports various programming languages like Java, C++, JavaScript, Python, HTML, and more.

Are there any restrictions with the Angel One API?

Yes, there are some limitations and restrictions with Angel One API but it demands on chosen pricing plan or API access level.


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