Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024

Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024: Mutual fund is an advanced way to grow your wealth.  Angel One provides Angel Bee, an online (easy-to-use) mutual fund platform designed for investors. With Angel One, you can easily invest in mutual funds of your choice and start an investment carrer in a few minutes, holding an investment helps to minimize the risk.  It provides different categories of mutual funds.

It provides several categories of mutual funds to target different investments of clients. All the plans available in the Angel Bee mutual fund established platform are known as regular schemes. Users can invest in a vast range of mutual fund schemes under different categories such as growth/debt/ELSS/Tax Saving etc., for their mutual fund diversified portfolio of securities, which makes them transparent and popular among new and experienced investors. Explore our in-depth Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024 for a comprehensive analysis of its performance, features, and suitability for investors.

Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024

20 Key Features of Angel Bee MF 2024

Uncover the 20 best features of Angel Bee MF to make informed decisions about your investment journey with Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024:

  • Angel One provides several mutual fund schemes to diversify investment portfolios.
  • Offer mutual funds and a SIP calculator to plan your investment.
  • Quick mutual fund investment online.
  • Free-of-cost account opening.
  • Users can track their investments online.
  • Start your investment journey(SIP) anytime, anywhere in 60 seconds.
  • A vast range of investment schemes.
  • Invest as your professional goal.
  • The scheme is available for all profile risks.
  • Systematic investment plans(SIP), Systmatic Withdrawal Plan(SWP) and Systmatic transfer plan(STP) are available
  • Offers more than 1000+ investment schemes.
  • Understand mutual fund investments better with Angel One mutual fund knowledge center.
  • The Angel Bee app is easy to use.
  • A single unified dashboard to make financial management easy.
  • The Angel Bee always informs you through Angel Bee alert-based notification.
  • Easy to understand overall spending pattern.

Angel One Mutual Fund Account Opening Process

Angel One works as a supplier for mutual fund schemes from other fund houses, if you want to start investing in a mutual fund don’t worry you don’t need a trading account with the broker. To invest in mutual funds, Angel Bee MF provides a free-of-cost, paperless, and quick mutual fund account opening facility. The do-it-yourself process can be completed within 1 minute if your KYC is properly verified:

  • Complete your KYC(know your customer) process.
  • Visit the official website of Angel Bee.
  • In the Next step, click on the “Invest now” tab located in the main menu.
  • Select your desired scheme and give your mobile number and email address.
  • Enter your PAN Card and Bank details.
  • Choose the payment method from debit card or net banking.
  • Carefully read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on transfer funds to complete the investment procedure.

Documents Required To Invest in Mutual Funds 2024

  • KYC Documents
  • PAN Cards
  • Bank Account Details
  • Filled Application Form
  • Payment Instrument
  • Nominal Form (optional)
  • Declaration

Angel Bee Mutual Fund Charges 2024

Angel Bee is a free online investment platform provided by Angel One for mutual fund investors. The distributor doesn’t charge any fee for providing mutual fund services. All the amount invested in the scheme goes to purchasing the mutual fund scheme and these charges based on Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024:

Angel Bee Account Opening ChargesNil
Angel Bee Mutual Fund AMC FeesNil
Angel Bee Mutual Fund Brokerage ChargesNil
Angel Bee Mutual Fund CommissionCharges commission 1% to 1.5%
Angel Bee Mutual Fund DP Charges
Other Charges

Angel Bee Mutual Fund SIP

Angel Bee offers mutual fund investment through SIP, you can begin the investment process in just 60m seconds. To start investing through SIP, you will download and install the Angel Bee Mutual fund App:

  • Login To the Angel Bee App
  • Click on the button button of the mutual fund category to invest.
  • Choose the scheme carefully
  • Click on Start SIP
  • Enters details such as amount, date, payment, etc.
  • Submit your form to start investing in Angel Bee Mutual Fund SIP

Download the Angel Bee Mobile App

The app is powered by ARQ referred to as the intelligent engine that offers personalized recommendations, With the Angel Bee mobile app you can invest anywhere and anytime:

  • Visit Google Play Store/ App Store on mobile phone
  • Start searching for the Angel Bee mobile app
  • Click on the install button
  • Login to the app with follow instructions

How to Evaluate the Performance of Mutual Fund

Ensure that the portfolio earns the best profit while maintaining the risk level. It includes reallocating funds to have the correct asset mix. Evaluate fund performance based on the following parameters:

  • Identifying assets that are non-performing or underperforming.
  • Comparing mutual fund returns against the market benchmark index is the best way to compare performance.
  • Decide the effectiveness of your portfolio.
  • Allows investors to choose less risky funds from the group.

Terms Used in Mutual Funds

Knowing about the world of mutual funds that include terms with Angel One Mutual Fund Review 2024, helps to empower investment decisions :

NAV (Net Asset Value)The per-unit market value of a mutual fund indicates the current unit worth.
AMC (Asset Management Company)The company is responsible for managing the mutual fund scheme’s investments.
AUM (Assets Under Management)The total market value of all assets managed by a mutual fund scheme.
Expense RatioAnnual fee charged by the mutual fund to cover management and operational costs, expressed as a percentage of Assets Under Management (AUM).
LoadSales charge or commission paid by investors when buying (front-end) or selling (back-end) mutual fund units.
SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)Investment plan allowing regular fixed-amount investments in a mutual fund scheme.
Risk ProfileAssessment of an investor’s risk tolerance to determine suitable mutual fund options.
DiversificationSpreading investments across different asset classes or securities to reduce risk.
Capital AppreciationIncrease in the investment’s value over time.
Asset AllocationThe strategy of distributing investments across various asset classes to achieve specific financial goals while managing risk.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I invest in Angel One Mutual Funds?

Anyone can invest in Angel One Mutual Funds through an online platform by simply logging into your Angel One Account. On this online platform, a mutual Funds section is available that selects the ones you wish to invest in.

What is the minimum investment amount for Angel One Mutual Funds?

The minimum investment amount for Angel One Mutual Funds varies depending on the specific fund you choose. You can use the Angel One app to invest in mutual funds where you can buy mutual funds at zero fees & charges in the app.

What are Angel One charges for account Opening?

Angel One doesn’t charge account maintenance charges for mutual fund account opening. It also doesn’t charge account opening and margin money.

Are mutual funds safe?

Yes, A mutual fund is considered one of the safe investments as it lets investors diversify their portfolio with minimum risks.

What types of Mutual Funds does Angel One offer?

Angel One may offer four types of mutual funds, including hybrid funds, equity funds, debt funds, and thematic funds with different investment objectives and risk profiles.

Can we withdraw mutual funds anytime in Angel One?

It can be withdrawn at any time if it is an open-ended scheme. However, if you have invested in an Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), then you can not withdraw funds for a minimum of 3 years from the date of investment.


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